Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Techniques (also called EFT, or “Tapping”) is a masterful way to gain clarity and insight into how we really feel and what we are struggling with. It helps remove energetic and emotional blocks, fears, inner turmoil, and stress – influencing your health, emotions and state of mind.

Pranic Healing

Human Beings have a physical body and an energy body. In Pranic Healing, we work with the energy body, composed of chakras, meridians, and various auric layers. Psychological healing occurs in the energy field with the removal of emotional or energetic blocks, fear and stress. 

Articles & Blog

Exploring and honouring the depth and wisdom of our inner feeling worlds and how it relates to the Highly Sensitive/Empath expereince and the Earth. Energetic and Emotional healing, self-reflection, honesty, and deep connections. Blazing a purposeful path….

About Tamara Low

Hi! I’m Tamara. 

I have always had a very deep connection to the Earth. I live for the wonder of this connection!

For every decision I make, I am aware of and consider the planetary impact and consequences.

Like many of you, it’s been a very difficult time with all of the upheaval and planetary atrocities in the world. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, helpless and powerless!

In the summer of 2021, in British Columbia, Canada, we experienced a devastating heat dome immediately followed by two months of fires (here and in the US), causing us to breathe and exist in constant smoke and fear. It brought up emotions that I had never experienced before (read the article here)

There is upheaval and devastation somewhere in the world at all times.

My most fierce and alive passion is the health of this Planet; sustainable building, permaculture, eco-innovations, and making conscious choices. 

I became an EFT Tapping Practitioner in 2020 after creating and being involved with Tail Blazers – Health Food Store for Pets for 20 years.

My focus going forward is on assisting earth- passionate people with the multitude of ecological and climate emotions resulting in feeling more internally peaceful & cultivating hope as we put our energies into purposeful action, solutions & BEING a voice & advocate for this Planet! 

In Feb 2022, I began a year-long ‘Wandering Medicine Wheel” inner transformation adventure. 

Also, in Oct 2022, I will be starting a Permaculture Design Certification Course, which I am SOOOO excited about (more on my vision below)!

With love and purpose,


tamara@earth-path.com or book a free 15 min phone chat! 

Accredited E.F.T. Practitioner, Pranic Healer, Writer.

Earth Path Permaculture:My Vision

Coming very soon! 🙂

Earth Inspiring Pictures& People

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Tamara's Biography

I have always been fascinated by people and the reasons why we do the things that we do. I truly celebrate the strength and resiliency of the human spirit!! I love hearing and learning about people’s stories, their journeys, challenges and triumphs along the way.


After high school, I started taking Psychology classes and Outdoor Pursuits at University (1992) and loved it. I did not have the confidence and belief in myself at that time to lead people on outdoor trips and adventures, so it stayed a personal love. When the 2-year Outdoor Pursuits program was over, I moved back to Calgary and completed a Massage Therapy Certification Program at Mount Royal College. At the same time, I took Craniosacral, Sports Massage training and explored many Energy Healing Modalities. A budding interest in Spirituality began to emerge, so I decided to finish my Eastern Religions and Psychology degree. A different, unrelated opportunity presented itself when trying to figure out my next steps. 

I always have DEEPY loved animals (and the planet!!), so in 2000, I created a Health Food Store for Pets. After 20 years in this business and much learning and personal growth, I felt the deep calling to return to my Psychology, Spirituality and Energy Healing roots, which brings us to today. 


In 2011, I began using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or “Tapping) on myself. Over the years, the results were so remarkable that I decided to work with others, so I completed the EFT International accreditation program. EFT hits me in a passion place that I have not experienced before. I LOVE it to my core!! I have since taken more training (TOOT 1 and 2) on understanding the physiology of trauma and its impact on many levels and levels 3. 


In 2016, I was introduced to Pranic Healing. This was also an absolute life changer – in a different way!! I completed the associates training in 2018. Emotional Freedom Techniques (under an umbrella called Energy Psychology) and Pranic Healing combine my love of energy work and psychology. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t use both.


In 2021, I contributed a chapter to the international best-selling collaborative book I AM: Releasing the Shame of Narcissistic Abuse…..”


In 2022, I began a year-long ‘Wandering Medicine wheel” adventure! 

And in the fall of 2022, I will be taking a Permaculture Design Certification!  

I celebrate earth-sensitive, aware and empathic people and honour their beautiful, unique journeys and the much-needed gifts and contributions that they make to humanity and the planet!!



Tamara Low

EFT Practitioner, Pranic Healer, Passionate Planet Advocate, and Writer. 

What to expect during an EFT appointment


I look forward to working with you! Before the session, please have a glass of water handy and minimize as many distractions as possible, including turning off your cell phone.

At the beginning of an EFT session, we narrow in on what your main focus, goal, or objective will be. This could be addressing a difficult or painful situation, a difficult feeling, a sensation or pain in the body, a disturbing memory, emotions such as anger, fear, grief, shame and guilt, a phobia, a block, or limiting beliefs, habits, or behaviours that you would like to transform. 

Once your focus or goal is in mind, we begin the EFT session with “the setup.” I will be asking you gentle questions throughout, and we will use your responses and words as part of the process. I will ask you to repeat your words after me, as we tap on the body’s acupoints together (see the attached photo).

Tapping on these points sends electromagnetic signals to the brain and the body’s emotional and stress centres to reduce its activity, arousal, and cortisol levels. This helps us feel calmer and address the energy imbalance and disruption associated with your focus or objective, which can positively influence your health, emotions, and state of mind.

EFT is gentle and safe. We go at your own pace. If there is something too difficult to speak about, there are indirect approaches that can be used.

Some of the signs that EFT is working and creating some changes in the body might include (but are not limited to): yawning, sighing, burping, tingling, feeling of energy moving in the body, e.g. down arms of legs, and you might feel peaceful and relieved, after a session, and/or a bit tired. It is important to be gentle with yourself as your body adjusts to the new energy.

Warmly, Tamara

“When we experience a psychological problem, such as trauma, we also have an energy imbalance or disruption in our body’s energy system. This may show up in various systems in your body, including the nervous system, glandular system, meridian system” (Fred Gallo) and the chakra system. EFT assists us in healing the energy imbalance.

Gallo, Fred. Energy Tapping for Trauma (p. 54). New Harbinger Publications. Kindle Edition.

What to expect during a PH appointment

Pranic Healing utilizes prana or ki or life energy to heal the whole physical body.

Human Beings have a physical body and an energy body. In Pranic Healing, we are working with the energy body to clean and energize, bringing health, balance and healing to the physical body. It is non-touch and painless. It is based on Chinese medicine and can be compared to acupuncture without the needles. 

Pranic Healing can be done in-person or from a distance. A pranic healer scans your chakras and can gather information about whether the chakra is in balance or if there is congestion and depletion. The chakras correspond with the functioning of certain organs and glands.

According to Fred Gallo, when we experience a psychological problem, such as trauma, we also have an energy imbalance or disruption in our body’s energy system. This may show up in various systems in your body, including the nervous system, glandular system, and meridian system, the chakra system.

Pranic psychotherapy is pranic healing applied in preventing and treating psychological ailments. Stress is at the root. This is where I like to focus on. Pranic Healing (and EFT) can shift, clear and heal energy blocks which can influence your health, emotions and state of mind.

For the initial session, if I am working on you from a distance, we will talk on the phone or Zoom for about 10 min, then I will get started. In a follow-up, we can talk for a few min, or you can email me how you are doing, and I will get started.

I look forward to working with you!



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  • Pranic Psychotherapy 
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  • When anger is an ally, it acts as a guardian of our energy field. Just as fear is a way for the Universe to prepare us for impending moments of unravelling, anger acts as the protector of our innocent nature. Khan, Matt. Everything Is Here to Help You (p. 36). Hay House. Kindle Edition

Earth Path EFT

Transforming Ecological & Climate Sorrow, Grief, Anxiety

MANY of us have a very deep and sacred connection to the Earth that we call HOME, and our deepest desire is for her to THRIVE as we live in harmony with her, care for her, make decisions based on her health and well-being and desire for ALL of life and her inhabitant to live in balance and harmony; biodiversity, ecosystems, animals, trees, plants, insects, clean air, clean water, healthy abundant food, healthy soils, healthy conscious, aware humans, etc.

The FACT is- SHE has tolerated A LOT of harm from humans! Indigenous people respect her at the deepest level and live in harmony with her! SO sadly, they and their lands were harmed and exploited as they faced those with the opposite view of the Earth and living in harmony. Their agenda being the insatiable need for power, control, greed and domination, which continues today. 

We are at a crossroads. The Earth and her inhabitants are in turmoil. Humanity is in turmoil. These are intense times!

This brings up A LOT of emotions such as – grief, sorrow, sadness, despair, hopelessness, overwhelm, and confusion. How did we stray SO far away from balance, peace, centre, the Earth’s wisdom, guidance, and healing?

We feel and see the collective fear, doom, gloom, and panic everywhere we turn; we are bombarded with bad and scary news. It is hard to stay positive, hopeful, joyful and alive within our beings when inundated with fear, dread, and collective uncertainty. 

With all of the difficulty in our hearts, we might:

-retread and try and push it away because it’s ALL too much, too overwhelming, scary, and too painful)

-or to take bold action and become involved and engaged. 

-or somewhere in between. 

 My passion is to assist and support those deeply concerned about the Earth, Climate, and Environment in healing our feelings and emotions with EFT so that we can take action in the direction of becoming more internally peaceful & able to cultivate hope as we put our energies into purposeful action, solutions & BEING a voice & advocate for this Planet! 

With Love and Purpose,


Welcome to Inner Empath

My Inner Empath blog (and articles) are a love letter to Empaths and Highly Sensitive People who are so special and sacred to me!

Accepting and embracing this way of BEING in and experiencing the world has been very difficult for me. So I wrote to make sense of it, to grow and learn, and let others know that they were not alone in what I used to call “the vast wasteland of depth and emotions,” which is extra hard if you felt there was something innately wrong with you and that you were flawed in some way and how you are was an inconvenience to others. Fortunately, I no longer feel that way. 

I am passionate about honouring the deeply sensitive and attuned part of us and exploring and coming to accept the gifts that it brings not only to those that know us but to those we come in contact with and to the bigger picture of what we bring to the planet. I feel that sensitivity is so vital to the vibrant health of families, societies and the planet. 

What I do know now is that:

We (HSP Empaths) are not meant to try and “fit in”; we are meant to SEE and FEEL and BE in the world from OUR unique perspective and soul’s purpose!! 

And I feel that our sensitivities enable us to be more attuned to people, animals, ecosystems and the planet, contributing to wanting to care for them and want them to be well. 

I see you, honour you, and I celebrate you and your beautiful, sensitive, empath nature! 



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