How To Understand & Identify Narcissistic Abuse

Tamara Low

Emotional Freedom Guide, Writer, Planet Advocate.

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Narcissistic abuse is a form of psychological and emotional abuse experienced by so many. My goal in this article is to expand on the last and to further understand and identify the workings of Narcissistic Abuse. Including characteristics such as narcissistic injury, defence mechanisms, narcissistic supply, and the impact of their tactics and abusive behaviour.

Dr. Ramani Durvasula describes them as “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and says, if they did not masquerade in this way, they could not do the damage they do. It serves them. I believe that knowledge and understanding are power, and the more powerful and aware we are, the easier it is to identify, spot, and make sense of this type of person and then decipher the next steps to take in our lives and our personal healing. It can be experienced in romantic relationships, with parents, caregivers, relatives, friends, bosses, co-workers, etc. 

Narcissistic Injury Resulting From Early Inner Wounding

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is tied to narcissistic injury, which results from early inner wounding, which causes deep internal shame. As a result, the wounded ego works tirelessly to protect and prevent this shame from coming to light and consuming them.  Multiple defence mechanisms, such as lying, deflecting, gaslighting, denial, projecting, creating drama, etc., are firmly in place to ensure that they do not have to experience the deep emotional pain stored in their minds and bodies. Susan Forward says that in relationships with them, these defence mechanisms are a “crazy-making, guilt-inducing combination that guarantees that it will be extremely difficult to express your differences—or stand up for yourself.”

Narcissistic Supply 

Narcissistic supply is the energetic food that sustains them- it’s their insatiable need to be fed by others’ admiration, attention, validation and praise. This is how they regulate their self-esteem, says Dr. Ramani Durvasula. They need others outside of themselves to accomplish this; they cannot get it or regulate it on their own. Lisa Romano refers to narcissistic supply as being like a drug for someone with narcissistic traits. She says,

“It acts as a stage for them to act out their false identities and characteristics. Whether you praise or condemn them, both sides of the ego coin are being fed. When you praise them, you feed their sense of superiority over others. When you condemn them, you fuel the other side of their fragile personality, which insists they are victims.”

Lisa A Romano The Breakthrough Life Coach.

Joanna Kujath says, “Narcissists do not value you, and they don’t care about what you have to say unless it relates to them and their narcissistic supply.” This is extremely difficult to make sense of and understand when the truth of this comes to light. 

Abusive Behaviour and Strategies that Pathological Narcissists use (not a complete list):

They use manipulation and control to attempt to have power over you.

Some ways of accomplishing this are criticizing you, belittling you, confusing you, brainwashing you, and trampling on your boundaries. They need you to believe that they are good, kind, righteous, honest, trustworthy, etc., so they will do whatever they can to accomplish this. They do this for multiple reasons: “in the event you ever begin to question who they really are, they have created a mental schema of who they want you to believe they are. In doing this, when you catch them in a lie or if they hurt you, your mind may immediately turn the notion down (Lisa Romano).” This creates two conflicting realities resulting in extreme inner tension and confusion (cognitive dissonance) in the person experiencing it.

They groom you to be dependent on them, compliant and fear them

“It is important to know that the condition you to seek their approval and fear their disapproval; to fear to dare to oppose the grandiose facade of a self they have worked methodically to construct and to brainwash you to believe in, says Lisa Romano. If you disagree with them or express an opinion different from theirs, some tactics that they use (to try and get you back in their control) might be to stonewall, ignore you, give you the silent treatment, and maybe even rage. Another tactic often used is to belittle or devalue your opinion and tell you repeatedly that what you say is not right, correct, or valid- they are right.

They need to always be correct. They will appear to be loving and kind, your best friend and supporter until you disagree with them, question them or set a boundary. You quickly learn that this is not something you are to do (with this person, that is!). It is also a form of control. As mentioned earlier, other people are their “supply”, so they do not accept others as individuals with separate wants, needs, desires and feelings.

In relationships with a Pathological Narcissist, there is a predictable cycle of abuse.

They groom you to become the perfect partner. It begins with “idealization” or “love bombing”, moving to devalue you, and then discarding you (if you do not end it first). Jackson Mackenzie says this cycle involves “gleefully and systematically wiping out the identity of an unsuspecting victim.”

Their tactics condition others to feel ashamed and inadequate and cause you to question and doubt yourself. Ross Rosenburg says, “if the Narcissist can get the Co-dependent to turn against themselves, they have control.”

Who Pathological Narcissists are attracted to

Ross Rosenburg, the author of “The Human Magnet Syndrome“, says:

“They have to find someone that fits their opposite profile; a certain type of Self Love Deficient/Codependent who they feel that there is less of a possibility of being abandoned or neglected, vulnerable, and capable of having their mind manipulated by accepting another person’s reality- theirs, which in turn will create a power and control dynamic”.

Ross Rosenburg, “The Human Magnet Syndrome”

They seek out the “wounded” and can sense and smell these Codependent traits. Debbie Mirza mirrors this saying, “covert narcissists look for people who are kind, authentic, self-reflective, nurturing, loving, and caring people with a conscience. They look for energy supplies, so without these attributes, the narcissist has no use for you, and their manipulative tactics wouldn’t work on you.” Narcissists are not attracted to people that do not like them.

What Happens When We See Through the Facade?

When we begin to question, notice, or become aware of who they truly are; when their facade or mask slips, we will come to realize that we were groomed, manipulated, devalued, and abused by someone who has faked their love, care, kindness, compassion, and consideration. This inevitably brings us SO much DEEP, hurt, pain, confusion, shock, distress, trauma, anger, etc. It is an unimaginable betrayal and cannot be understood unless someone has been through it.

On top of this, a severe narcissist is highly unlikely ever to admit being “wrong.” They deny their manipulative, abusive, unkind behaviour. They are unable and unwilling, to be honest, authentic and self-reflect. They do not recognize the needs and feelings of others. It is extremely crazy-making and piles on more feelings and emotions to the long list of feelings and emotions that are already needing tending to. It is overwhelming. If you are in this place right now, there is hope to get through it!

Narcissists can work as a catalyst on an Empath’s journey

This person/people/experience sets us on a journey that we likely never anticipated or expected. Diane Kathrine says, in her blog, “Are you a Narcissist Target?”,

“The good news is that narcissists can work as a catalyst on an Empath’s journey. Although it will not feel like it at the time, anything that ignites insecurities, emotional injuries, victim mentality or personal challenges, can also push an Empath towards transformation. The darkness reveals the inner light. It encourages us to work on ourselves, which in turn takes us to a higher vantage point. It is often the case that the more challenges an Empath faces, the wiser they become and the greater their understanding of life. I am certainly not suggesting that constant suffering is the perfect formula for enlightenment, but we come to a point when we understand why we have endured such difficulties. We can then see how they shaped us into becoming better people”.

Diane Kathrine, Are you a Narcissist Target?

Benefit of an EFT practitioner and Energetic Freedom Coach for HSP/Empaths:

My goal is to provide a SAFE, compassionate, secure, and non-judgemental space for you to peel back the layers to release what no longer serves you.

Narcissistic Abuse is something that I have experienced and am very familiar with, and I KNOW that it is possible to heal and become wiser and more aware!

If you are curious about how EFT can help you, I’d love to have a no-pressure chat. Please feel welcome to reach out and schedule a free 15-minute call or email

Warmly, Tamara

You can find my follow-up article here: “Healing from Narcissistic Abuse.” In “Dynamics and Patterns Between Empaths and Narcissists,” I explore Narcissistic Personality Disorder, how it develops, and some of the core traits, characteristics, and tactics that they use to control and manipulate people.

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