Intentional Steps to Inner Transformation

Tamara Low

Emotional Freedom Guide, Writer, Planet Advocate.

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I wondered if it was even possible to feel the way I deeply wanted to feel on the inside.

For most of this life, I have wondered if living a life in line with inner peace, ease, joy, play, creativity, authentic expression, and hearing and therefore following my inner guidance, wisdom, and direction was even possible?!

I believed it was possible for other people. But I knew that intense deep, chronic ‘pain in my emotions’ and fierce self-hatred and self-abandonment made it seem impossible for me, making me so sad, defeated, and frustrated.  

Life had been tough inner slogging, and living fearlessly free, free from bounds and conditioning and embracing the beauty and gift of this life was and is my deepest heart’s desire! And so began my very deliberate and intentional steps towards inner transformation.

The Body Speaks 

The somatic signs of this inner chaos were debilitating neck and rib (popping out) pain for about eight years. I could no longer do so many of the activities that I loved, which made things more difficult as exercise and movement were and are medicine for me.

For a while, I went to a chiropractor every second day. Yikes! I was so depressed and defeated, so I started isolating myself and got more depressed and lonelier.

Getting Back on Course: Paying Attention to What Needed my Attention

In 2018 I was at the beginning stages of understanding developmental and generational trauma and its detrimental impact on my life. Understanding and healing the Codependency wreckage and its many layers were vital! I also began my EFT Training (and Pranic Healing 2 years before).

I started taking intentional steps to heal my chaos-filled inner world by addressing my negative, toxic, and limiting beliefs and learning to listen to my body/body’s wisdom and emotions. EFT Tapping (and ALL of my swap partners) made this possible for me. Instead of running from my emotional world, I began diligently walking toward the darkness, density, and heaviness.

Letting Go! 

I have let go of everything and everyone that is toxic, constraining and not good for me and only allow those that are peaceful, kind, respectful, positive, encouraging and patient with me. Those that I trust to be in my heart space and feel good and resonant with my being. I have broken up with:

Codependency, the early impacts of not feeling emotionally seen and safe, being highly criticized, controlled, feeling and taking on other people’s heaviness, feeling like life is a burden, and too serious is Spirit killing for me! 

Freedom from the need to try and be what others want and think I should be and guilting and should-ing myself and putting toxic pressure on myself- this was deep and took a lot of work to dismantle!

‘Emotional Inheritance’

I was listening to a ‘We Can Do Hard Things’ podcast yesterday called ‘How Family Secrets Shape Us” while working on a pastel drawing. Dr. Galit Atlas, the author of ‘Emotional Inheritance,’ was interviewed and spoke on this! My son is my greatest gift, and my deepest hope and wish is that he does not have to carry these ‘emotionally inherited’ heavy burdens!

What I have learned about myself in the process:

I am strong, tenacious, and courageous. My Spirit would not let me settle for a broken, shattered inner and outer existence! That made me a bit teary to write. Thank you, Spirit!

With safe people, I kept walking into the fire again and again and learned that there is freedom if we keep being courageous and honest with ourselves. Listening to, honouring, and caring for our wounded inner child(ren) is transformational! 

I have also learned that I:

  • deeply like and need to be alone a lot to take care of myself and my nervous system and access my sacred inner space and creativity. 
  • need peace and harmony around me—no pressures and rushing.
  • am not supposed to fit in and embrace living and creating from my Spirit! 

My Spirit requires freedom, peace and ease and wants to laugh, play, create, dance, sing, move and connect. Now I get to do those things! 

It’s no longer all about pleasing others and ignoring and abandoning my needs to get their approval. Pleasing others is the road to self-abandonment. A road that I am no longer willing to take!

I choose to be around kind, respectful, safe people that want the best for me (like I wish for them)!

Inner Transformation

As the layer upon layers of pain and suffering is being healed and integrated, the ability to hear and honour and listen to my inner guidance, knowing and wisdom has emerged!

I can see now that it IS possible to live a life of joy and play & in line with what my Spirit wants to express, create & experience! As my identity is no longer pain, trauma & debilitating unworthiness, I no longer:

  • feel the need to be invisible and not take up space, give my power away, and live in chronic fear!
  • have a paralyzing fear of rejection, abandonment, criticism, judgement, and disapproval.
  • live in terror of looking foolish and trying to be perfect.

I have eased up on myself and developed healthy boundaries, self-compassion, self-worth, a sense of self, and more inner- ease. 

My outer world is now reflecting back to me more ease, peace, joy, play, fun, and purpose! Life is WAY sweeter and more enjoyable with yourself! I feel like I have been released from self-imposed inner prison! Of course, there is always more inner excavating to do and nervous system healing, but I can see that it IS possible to feel the way I always wanted to feel on the inside! It’s possible for all of us! 

Just imagine, who would you BE?! How would you feel on the inside??

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Earth Path EFT

Transforming Ecological & Climate Sorrow, Grief, Anxiety

MANY of us have a very deep and sacred connection to the Earth that we call HOME, and our deepest desire is for her to THRIVE as we live in harmony with her, care for her, make decisions based on her health and well-being and desire for ALL of life and her inhabitant to live in balance and harmony; biodiversity, ecosystems, animals, trees, plants, insects, clean air, clean water, healthy abundant food, healthy soils, healthy conscious, aware humans, etc.

The FACT is- SHE has tolerated A LOT of harm from humans! Indigenous people respect her at the deepest level and live in harmony with her! SO sadly, they and their lands were harmed and exploited as they faced those with the opposite view of the Earth and living in harmony. Their agenda being the insatiable need for power, control, greed and domination, which continues today. 

We are at a crossroads. The Earth and her inhabitants are in turmoil. Humanity is in turmoil. These are intense times!

This brings up A LOT of emotions such as – grief, sorrow, sadness, despair, hopelessness, overwhelm, and confusion. How did we stray SO far away from balance, peace, centre, the Earth’s wisdom, guidance, and healing?

We feel and see the collective fear, doom, gloom, and panic everywhere we turn; we are bombarded with bad and scary news. It is hard to stay positive, hopeful, joyful and alive within our beings when inundated with fear, dread, and collective uncertainty. 

With all of the difficulty in our hearts, we might:

-retread and try and push it away because it’s ALL too much, too overwhelming, scary, and too painful)

-or to take bold action and become involved and engaged. 

-or somewhere in between. 

 My passion is to assist and support those deeply concerned about the Earth, Climate, and Environment in healing our feelings and emotions with EFT so that we can take action in the direction of becoming more internally peaceful & able to cultivate hope as we put our energies into purposeful action, solutions & BEING a voice & advocate for this Planet! 

With Love and Purpose,


Welcome to Inner Empath

My Inner Empath blog (and articles) are a love letter to Empaths and Highly Sensitive People who are so special and sacred to me!

Accepting and embracing this way of BEING in and experiencing the world has been very difficult for me. So I wrote to make sense of it, to grow and learn, and let others know that they were not alone in what I used to call “the vast wasteland of depth and emotions,” which is extra hard if you felt there was something innately wrong with you and that you were flawed in some way and how you are was an inconvenience to others. Fortunately, I no longer feel that way. 

I am passionate about honouring the deeply sensitive and attuned part of us and exploring and coming to accept the gifts that it brings not only to those that know us but to those we come in contact with and to the bigger picture of what we bring to the planet. I feel that sensitivity is so vital to the vibrant health of families, societies and the planet. 

What I do know now is that:

We (HSP Empaths) are not meant to try and “fit in”; we are meant to SEE and FEEL and BE in the world from OUR unique perspective and soul’s purpose!! 

And I feel that our sensitivities enable us to be more attuned to people, animals, ecosystems and the planet, contributing to wanting to care for them and want them to be well. 

I see you, honour you, and I celebrate you and your beautiful, sensitive, empath nature!