Sensitive Earth & Humanity Ambassadors

Tamara Low

Emotional Freedom Guide, Writer, Planet Advocate.

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Sensitivity allows us to be BE in tune with all facets of our environment. We notice depth, the subtle and what is not right, out of place or out of sync. I believe that Empaths and Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) are Earth and Humanity Ambassadors and are here to embody and demonstrate a peaceful, harmonious, sane way of BEING in a world in crisis. Building structures and ways of working together in harmony with Earth and each other is an antidote to what is currently taking place.

Innate Pro-Environmental Behaviours

Recent research findings show that Highly Sensitive People are ‘well placed to be ambassadors of pro-environmental behaviours as it is in line with the way they experience the world.’ This is because they:

  • have a deep connectedness with nature.
  • notice the environment’s subtleties (what others don’t in a given situation) and carefully evaluate it before acting.
  • are reflective, therefore, are good and careful decision-makers and tend to consider the long-term consequences of their actions, which in turn fosters pro-environmental behaviour.
  • they are more prone to experience ‘awe,’ which can counteract our tendency to feel entitled, as humans, to exploit natural resources.

Empaths feel the pain of others and the planet. These traits and qualities result in a compassionate way of living and being as they take the absolute sacredness of the Earth and the interconnectedness of everything into account.

The Current Paradigm= Great Sadness for HSP/Empaths

It is crystal clear that domination, control, entitlement, lack of empathy and greed are leading the way currently and throughout history, leading time and again to some VERY dark places. HSP/Empaths can see through this dark-cloaked veil thoroughly and utterly perplexed and saddened by it ALL.

I used to feel that my sensitivity was a weakness or a flaw that allowed me to be dominated and controlled by those who tend to be louder, angrier, and seemingly more powerful than me. This has drastically shifted with much internal healing for me- although it has taken nearly five decades! A couple of days ago, I watched a YouTube video with Lee Harris interviewing Anita Moorjani, serendipitously speaking precisely on this. 

‘Sensitive is the New Strong’

Sensitive is the New Strong‘ is her latest book. She says the more empathic one is, the more one shies away from the world; and the less empathic you are, the more likely you are out there convincing people that what you say is right and true. Furthermore, ‘the loudest voices among us (she says) it’s not that they are correct; it’s that they are the most convincing, and we follow the louder voices.” 

Following the loudest voices that are not necessarily correct but convincing- is a recipe for climate and humanitarian- disaster, but this is precisely where we find ourselves!

I agree with Moorjani when she says that in society, many define strength as being ruthless, highly competitive and needing to win at all costs. However, what is clear (to me) is that we so desperately need is to transition from this old worn-out, harmful paradigm to defining empathy and compassion as strengths! In leading with love, heart and compassion, we are cultivating wholeness and healing in society and for the planet.

A Time of Incredible Upheaval and Change

How do we even begin to process this level of despair, fear, sadness and suffering/from seeing the atrocities to the Earth and our fellow human family? It is an extremely challenging question to reconcile!

In the summer of 2021, I wrote an article called ‘Processing Climate Emotions‘ -as a result of finding myself in the middle of a wildfire Climate Catastrophe. It was scary and shocking at the deepest levels! EFT Tapping and Pranic Healing help me process the intense energies and emotions of shock, stress, fear, grief, etc., which is essential and helpful (if I can assist you in this area, please reach out and schedule a free 15 min call).

However, this does not target the root of the deep and systemic problem(s) that NEED to be remedied and addressed! 

I choose to be mindful and aware of ALL of my decisions and consequences, my consumption and impact, how and what I choose to spend money on (as that is a vote for what we value/what is important to us), use my voice, share my truth and passion for this Earth and Humanity, join and support like-minded group, take mindful action and connect with those who are part of the solution. I and we can ALL do more as there is SO much to be righted and remedied! The problems are DEEP and systemic!

I feel as we connect with those who share our passion and innate, collective empathy and compassion, we can take steps and create the momentum to build heart-based solutions and dismantle and crumble these harmful, worn-out ways. This purposeful coming together is extremely powerful!

Honouring the Spirit in all Things

The Earth provides us with all the tools we need to live. She is wise and abundant. Indigenous cultures/peoples KNOW this and live their lives in harmony, complete synchronicity and respect for her and her wisdom.  

As we know, domination, greed, and lack of empathy violently hurt and take from and deeply harm indigenous cultures, humanity, animals and the Earth. She is constantly abused and treated without care or concern as if she owes us something- she certainly does NOT! It’s TRULY disgusting, and in actuality, we owe her everything, our very lives!

I was reading an IndigiNews newsletter, where Eden Fineday says:

“Everything on this Earth has a spirit. Each tree, each stone, each animal, each person. The land itself is home to many spirits. I am learning about the intricacies of the world around us that we do not see and that many people do not acknowledge or understand.” 

Yes! It is essential that we acknowledge, understand, see, feel, and connect with the spirit, essence, and incredible beauty in all things/people!

Sensitive Inspiration from Earth and Humanity Ambassadors

I now know for certain that sensitivity and empathy are the ultimate strength to the core of my being!

I believe that Empaths, Highly Sensitive People, and Intuitives are here to BE and embody a balanced, harmonious, heart-centred perspective, bringing healing (personal and planetary), creating innovative structures, powerful solutions and ways of working together; always listening to and championing the wisdom of the Earth. We ARE healers, transformers, and visionaries, and TOGETHER we create significant, deep and lasting change! 



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Earth Path EFT

Transforming Ecological & Climate Sorrow, Grief, Anxiety

MANY of us have a very deep and sacred connection to the Earth that we call HOME, and our deepest desire is for her to THRIVE as we live in harmony with her, care for her, make decisions based on her health and well-being and desire for ALL of life and her inhabitant to live in balance and harmony; biodiversity, ecosystems, animals, trees, plants, insects, clean air, clean water, healthy abundant food, healthy soils, healthy conscious, aware humans, etc.

The FACT is- SHE has tolerated A LOT of harm from humans! Indigenous people respect her at the deepest level and live in harmony with her! SO sadly, they and their lands were harmed and exploited as they faced those with the opposite view of the Earth and living in harmony. Their agenda being the insatiable need for power, control, greed and domination, which continues today. 

We are at a crossroads. The Earth and her inhabitants are in turmoil. Humanity is in turmoil. These are intense times!

This brings up A LOT of emotions such as – grief, sorrow, sadness, despair, hopelessness, overwhelm, and confusion. How did we stray SO far away from balance, peace, centre, the Earth’s wisdom, guidance, and healing?

We feel and see the collective fear, doom, gloom, and panic everywhere we turn; we are bombarded with bad and scary news. It is hard to stay positive, hopeful, joyful and alive within our beings when inundated with fear, dread, and collective uncertainty. 

With all of the difficulty in our hearts, we might:

-retread and try and push it away because it’s ALL too much, too overwhelming, scary, and too painful)

-or to take bold action and become involved and engaged. 

-or somewhere in between. 

 My passion is to assist and support those deeply concerned about the Earth, Climate, and Environment in healing our feelings and emotions with EFT so that we can take action in the direction of becoming more internally peaceful & able to cultivate hope as we put our energies into purposeful action, solutions & BEING a voice & advocate for this Planet! 

With Love and Purpose,


Welcome to Inner Empath

My Inner Empath blog (and articles) are a love letter to Empaths and Highly Sensitive People who are so special and sacred to me!

Accepting and embracing this way of BEING in and experiencing the world has been very difficult for me. So I wrote to make sense of it, to grow and learn, and let others know that they were not alone in what I used to call “the vast wasteland of depth and emotions,” which is extra hard if you felt there was something innately wrong with you and that you were flawed in some way and how you are was an inconvenience to others. Fortunately, I no longer feel that way. 

I am passionate about honouring the deeply sensitive and attuned part of us and exploring and coming to accept the gifts that it brings not only to those that know us but to those we come in contact with and to the bigger picture of what we bring to the planet. I feel that sensitivity is so vital to the vibrant health of families, societies and the planet. 

What I do know now is that:

We (HSP Empaths) are not meant to try and “fit in”; we are meant to SEE and FEEL and BE in the world from OUR unique perspective and soul’s purpose!! 

And I feel that our sensitivities enable us to be more attuned to people, animals, ecosystems and the planet, contributing to wanting to care for them and want them to be well. 

I see you, honour you, and I celebrate you and your beautiful, sensitive, empath nature!