To BE ‘Normal’ and ‘Fit in’ is NOT What I Want! 

Tamara Low

Emotional Freedom Guide, Writer, Planet Advocate.

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For decades, I have felt ‘weird’ and ‘different’ and like I do not ‘fit’. Part of me is great with this, as to be ‘normal’ and ‘fit in’ is not what I want! I recently discovered a conditioned child part of me with a different idea, and the resulting shame, sadness and cocktail of other emotions embedded in my energy system.

In addition, for the majority of my life, the multitude, depth and volume of my emotions was not a safe place. I have felt constantly battered by the swells in the vast sea of emotions, with little or no relief. I had not had a harmonious relationship with my emotions/feelings until I discovered EFT (“Tapping”)

Who I am now vs who I was then

I know that I am a Highly Sensitive Empath. I love and need to be alone A LOT with my thoughts, energy and inner creative world. And delighting in connecting with kind, loving, beautiful spirits that love to look at life from its delicious, juicy, dynamic depths and want it to be good for others and the planet! They are free-spirited thinkers that are not tethered to the status quo. They embody and envision a kind world, a loving world where we elevate and bring people up. 

It’s impossible to go back

I was a very social young person. In my early 20s, I had an awakening experience, and I went internal for the next two and a half decades. The early 20s me still wants her old way of being- seamlessly fit in and have a good time! But it’s impossible to go back there. She has been lonely, depressed, confused and deeply steeped in the shame of no longer ‘belonging.’ 

The Wisdom in Hearing the Younger Parts of Ourselves

I explored it in an EFT session and found and heard this is a young part of me. It was/is her main driving force. Her fears were being judged, condemned, shamed, made fun of, and not accepted for who she was.

This inner incongruency has been showing itself when this part of me has been hiding- fearing being seen and sharing who I really am in the world because of the fear of being judged, misunderstood, shamed, shunned, or harmed through unkindness, made fun of, and being alone.

There are billions of HSPs in the world and millions of Empaths. It has not felt that way for me until a couple of years ago- when I found my tribe! 

How EFT helps us to safely process and make sense of our emotions

I heard I need to be ‘normal ‘to fit in and be safe’ and for survival (maybe this is past life related too?). She has worked so hard to be and appear ‘normal’ and hide her weird parts from those she thinks don’t get her. This all magically disappears when I am with other HSP Empaths….

But I am not designed and wired to fit in, and I deeply suspect neither are you! 

As a result, I noticed this deep inner battle going on and a whole concoction of conflicting feelings/emotions= stress, self- disdain, self-judgement, inner hostility, upheaval, shame, frustration, and embarrassment.

EFT is by far one of the single best, cherished things that I have learned. Now assist others from that knowing, that sacredly held space for giving attention to and care for what we are truly feeling = freedom! I was no longer in the vast wasteland of feelings and emotions with EFT in tow. I now had and still have a safe emotional ally to explore, investigate, discover, make sense of, and navigate anything that comes up. 

Being ‘normal’ is safe!….but IS IT??

I did some tapping rounds on just saying this. Eventually, an inner voice said, ‘that is not true!’, And then I thought, ‘normal’ hurts and harms the environment/planet/climate, harmful to animals and other people. Normal herds people like cattle and are not creative or alive; it’s boring, stagnant, the status quo. Woah!

‘Normal’ is not safe; the thought and resonant feeling rushed in….and then ‘normal’ and ‘fit in’ are not what I want! I want to be TRUE to myself, and my spirit, ambassador and voice for this planet, her well-being and all that inhabits her, love, care, and kindness. Yessssss!!

The Gifts and Beauty of Being and HSP/Empath

Sensitivity and I have had a tumultuous relationship since I was young. It felt like a weakness in me, a profound hindrance and inconvenience to others, and was not nurtured. Each of which I have diligently worked through.

I can clearly see and recognize now that it allows us to see and notice ALL the places not aligned with love, care, and balance. From my perspective, it is also essential and needed for the health and wellness of the planet, environment and all that have the honour of being cared for by her.

What Brings me Alive:

I love to explore the depths of human emotions and high sensitivity and how it relates to our energy system to find deep healing and compassion for ourselves and others!

Is there anything that you would like to gently explore and understand better?

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Earth Path Healing

Transforming our Feelings and Emotions


I am passionate about combining our love of Earth with the love and care of ourselves/Spirit selves through honouring and embracing the wisdom of our emotions and feelings.

Emotions and body sensations are our greatest teachers and allies. They are constantly speaking to us, guiding us, and letting us know when we are or are not in harmony with our Spirit/True Selves.

In my experience, healing and growth bring us closer to ourselves and our Spirit and closer to peace, kindness, each other, and our Earth home.

I invite you to BE Curious about what our feelings and thoughts are communicating.

EFT Tapping and Picture tapping help us to understand our inner world, make peace with the difficulties and hear our deepest yearnings.

EFT Tapping helps us gently explore and uncover our inner voice and body’s guidance, wisdom, and direction, the places within us that need & desire to be heard, expressed, and given a voice!

Through a series of pictures, Picture Tapping helps us to resolve an issue by tapping on the images and the title of the picture, not the feelings, emotions and sensations directly. The practitioner does not need to know what the person is tapping on but guides the process through the images and colours to find a resolution.

Pranic Healing is a no-touch energy healing we can also do from a distance. Like our emotions, our energy system through our chakras holds so much wisdom as they are connected to our physical, mental and emotional health.

Our major chakras have corresponding physiological functions, and we can clear the energy and density of what does not serve us, bringing peace and balance.

I HONOUR your feelings, whatever they are. They are valuable and important. Whether it be processing ecological and climate emotions, internal difficulties, or challenges- whatever holds us back from the freedom, purpose and expression of our True Selves! 

 With Love,