What is Leaky Aura Syndrome?

Tamara Low

Emotional Freedom Guide, Writer, Planet Advocate.

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The Energy Body and Auric Layers 

Human Beings have a physical body and an energy body. In Pranic Healing, we are working with the “energy body” or “energy field”, composed of chakras, meridians and various layers of the aura. In this article, I will be exploring the auric layers and the health of the aura. Information is stored within our aura, says Diane Kathrine, “which the accumulation of happy and sad experiences, ideas and opinions, unreleased emotions, negative thought forms (elementals, past life memories, illnesses and toxins).” 

The various layers of the aura include the etheric body which has the closest connection to the physical body. It interpenetrates the visible physical body and extends beyond it. It is associated with the basic chakra and connection to Earth.  

The emotional body is the part of the auric field that resonates with the emotions and corresponds to the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

The mental body corresponds with the solar plexus chakra and relates to personal power and thoughts. Your mental body is built of thought-forms (habit patterns so intense that they congeal into a solid form). Susan Shumsky says, “an aura becomes bristly when it is filled with negative thoughts and emotions. A sensitive person who gets near that energy field feels the negative thought form’s projected repellent energy. This collection of thoughts determines your experience in life.”

The astral layer is related to the heart chakra and is the link between the physical and spiritual. 

The spiritual layer (of our aura) says Diane Kathrine, is connected to all of the chakras but predominantly the throat, third eye and crown chakras. “It is thought that this is the layer that energy vampires attach themselves to when they drain energy” (see more in “Healing from Narcissistic Abuse”). Dr Ramani Durvasula says energy vampires also suck out whatever security or sense of self they have and leaves them completely insecure. 

Distortions in the Aura

Anything that impairs the body and mind weakens the energy field. Distortions in the aura can appear from an early age. Kathrine says, “infant or childhood trauma and illness can result in a weakened aura”. A receded aura, she continues “is caused by experiencing deep hurt and rejection, feeling unloved or unworthy. It can be a knee-jerk reaction to retract the energy field, like retreating into a shell, as a way to prevent themselves from getting hurt again. 

When the aura shrinks, it becomes destabilized and prone to damage. “When a person has a weak, collapsed, or punctured aura they are particularly susceptible to psychic (or energy) vampires, lower energies, difficult experiences, mental illness, and disease, as you cannot energetically protect yourself from being drained (Shumsky).

Susan Shumsky writes that a shrunken or collapsed aura surrounds people who feel inferior, incompetent, unworthy, or undeserving and deeply hurt individuals build a porcupine shield, preventing others from getting near them (called Shielding). Illness often appears as a collapsed, squished aura or area of darkness (dark holes often appear in the energy field over an area or illness). It can also be called a hole or an energy leak. When you are withdrawn and excessively introverted you feel broken and weak.

Empaths and Highly Sensitive Souls are very sensitive and impacted by energy and the energies around them. “Diane Kathrine says, “when empaths unintentionally pick up the thought-forms of others, the mental body is where they settle.”

What is Leaky Aura Syndrome? 

Leaky Aura Syndrome, according to Diane Kathrine, “occurs when your energy field (aura or auric field) becomes overly porous and excess of energy both leaks in and out. The energy from others seeps in and becomes etched in your auric field.” This is caused by excessive stress, emotional pain, trauma, toxic environments and people, chakra imbalances, poor lifestyle choices, and low- level thoughts and emotions. Anything that impairs the body and mind weakens the energy field.

The Symptoms of Leaky Aura Syndrome include:

-low energy.

-feeling low, depression, mood swings.

-endocrine imbalance.

-chakra imbalances.

-aversion to spending time with others and busy places. Busy places cause overwhelm, needing to be alone a lot to protect and rebalance, and can even start isolating yourself.

-brain fog, no clarity of thought.

-intuition is stifled.

– physical pain, especially after being around people.

become overly sensitive to the world. 

The health of our aura is essential. It keeps us safe Shumsky and Kathrine share the belief that with a healthy auric field:

-you radiate inner power and draw in positivity

-and your vibrant energy empowers others and helps raise their frequency.

As we learn in Pranic Healing, a strong aura protects against outside negativity, thoughts, energy, and even disease. Pranic Healing can greatly help in healing and strengthening the chakras and auric field and the quality of the love vibration that we radiate. When you feel an expansion in your energy field, you feel empowered! Reach out and schedule your free 15-minute call today!



See “What is Pranic Healing?”


**Pranic Healing is not intended to replace allopathic medicine, but rather to complement it.


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I am passionate about combining our love of Earth with the love and care of ourselves/Spirit selves through honouring and embracing the wisdom of our emotions and feelings.

Emotions and body sensations are our greatest teachers and allies. They are constantly speaking to us, guiding us, and letting us know when we are or are not in harmony with our Spirit/True Selves.

In my experience, healing and growth bring us closer to ourselves and our Spirit and closer to peace, kindness, each other, and our Earth home.

I invite you to BE Curious about what our feelings and thoughts are communicating.

EFT Tapping and Picture tapping help us to understand our inner world, make peace with the difficulties and hear our deepest yearnings.

EFT Tapping helps us gently explore and uncover our inner voice and body’s guidance, wisdom, and direction, the places within us that need & desire to be heard, expressed, and given a voice!

Through a series of pictures, Picture Tapping helps us to resolve an issue by tapping on the images and the title of the picture, not the feelings, emotions and sensations directly. The practitioner does not need to know what the person is tapping on but guides the process through the images and colours to find a resolution.

Pranic Healing is a no-touch energy healing we can also do from a distance. Like our emotions, our energy system through our chakras holds so much wisdom as they are connected to our physical, mental and emotional health.

Our major chakras have corresponding physiological functions, and we can clear the energy and density of what does not serve us, bringing peace and balance.

I HONOUR your feelings, whatever they are. They are valuable and important. Whether it be processing ecological and climate emotions, internal difficulties, or challenges- whatever holds us back from the freedom, purpose and expression of our True Selves! 

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