What is Pranic Healing?

Tamara Low

Emotional Freedom Guide, Writer, Planet Advocate.

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Master Choa Kok Sui is the founder of modern Pranic Healing. Pranic Healing is based on the idea that human beings have a physical body and an energy body. In Pranic Healing, we are working with the “energy body” or “energy field,” composed of chakras, meridians and various layers of the aura where the emotional and mental systems are located.

The hands can be used as a device for feeling or scanning the outer aura, the inner aura, the health aura, the chakras and the energetic condition of the organs.” General cleansing” and “localized cleansing” removes the diseased energy from the chakras, which accelerates the natural healing process of the body. A congested or depleted chakra lets us know that there is a disruption there. Pranic Healing is non-touch and is based on Chinese medicine, and can be compared to acupuncture without the needles.

Master Choa Kok Sui says, the major chakras or energy centers control and energize the internal organs and control and affect one’s psychological conditions. The major chakras have corresponding psychological conditions. For example, “if the heart chakra is overdeveloped, and the solar plexus chakra is underdeveloped, there is a tendency that other people will take advantage of you, abuse and misuse you.” I find this to be more common with empaths. He says, “to become psychologically healthy the two chakras must be balanced”. This is balancing loving-kindness and self-interest.

Psychological healing occurs in the energy field. The removal of emotional or energetic blocks (in the chakras) with Pranic Healing can significantly improve a person’s overall health.

Empaths and Highly Sensitive Souls are also very sensitive to energy and the energies around them, which can be overwhelming, energy-draining, stressful, and anxiety-producing. Emotional stress can manifest in the body as physical pain or other symptoms. Pranic Psychotherapy is Pranic Healing applied in energetically preventing and treating Psychological ailments, where stress is at the root; this is where I like to focus.

Traumatic energies, according to Master Choa Kok Sui “are lodged in several chakras or energy centers which may, in the long run, manifest as stress or phobia. A traumatic experience may produce repeated thoughts of fear, poor self-esteem, insecurity, futility, and/or indifference. Thinking and feeling negatively for a long period of time will produce negative thought entities with strong inhibiting effects, manifesting as severe depression.” Pranic Healing helps us with energy balancing, removing trauma energy, and feelings of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm to find inner balance and peace.

Layers of the Aura

Diane Kathrine explains, “the emotional body is the part of the auric field that resonates with the emotions and corresponds to the sacral and solar plexus chakras. The mental body corresponds with the solar plexus chakra and relates to personal power and thoughts. Your mental body is built of thought-forms (habit patterns so intense that they congeal into solid form). This collection of thoughts determines your experience in life. An aura becomes bristly when it is filled with neg thoughts and emotions. A sensitive person who gets near that energy field feels the negative thought form’s projected repellent energy.”

If the aura is not healthy, this can cause many challenges. See “What is Leaky Aura Syndrome?A strong aura as we learn in Pranic Healing protects against outside negativity, thoughts, energy and even disease. Through a healthy auric field you radiate inner power and draw in positivity. Your vibrant energy empowers others and helps raise their frequency!

End Summary

I began to learn Pranic Healing in 2016 (and became an associate Pranic Healer in 2018), which allowed me to understand the body’s energy system and be an active participant in my health and healing and others’ health and healing. It is a truly remarkable modality! Master Choa Kok Sui spoke about the benefit of at least one household member practicing Pranic Healing on behalf of the family. I can see the tremendous power and benefit in that! Reach out and schedule a free 15-minute call or email tamara@earth-path.com



**Pranic Healing is not intended to replace allopathic medicine, but rather to complement it.


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Earth Path Healing

Transforming our Feelings and Emotions


I am passionate about combining our love of Earth with the love and care of ourselves/Spirit selves through honouring and embracing the wisdom of our emotions and feelings.

Emotions and body sensations are our greatest teachers and allies. They are constantly speaking to us, guiding us, and letting us know when we are or are not in harmony with our Spirit/True Selves.

In my experience, healing and growth bring us closer to ourselves and our Spirit and closer to peace, kindness, each other, and our Earth home.

I invite you to BE Curious about what our feelings and thoughts are communicating.

EFT Tapping and Picture tapping help us to understand our inner world, make peace with the difficulties and hear our deepest yearnings.

EFT Tapping helps us gently explore and uncover our inner voice and body’s guidance, wisdom, and direction, the places within us that need & desire to be heard, expressed, and given a voice!

Through a series of pictures, Picture Tapping helps us to resolve an issue by tapping on the images and the title of the picture, not the feelings, emotions and sensations directly. The practitioner does not need to know what the person is tapping on but guides the process through the images and colours to find a resolution.

Pranic Healing is a no-touch energy healing we can also do from a distance. Like our emotions, our energy system through our chakras holds so much wisdom as they are connected to our physical, mental and emotional health.

Our major chakras have corresponding physiological functions, and we can clear the energy and density of what does not serve us, bringing peace and balance.

I HONOUR your feelings, whatever they are. They are valuable and important. Whether it be processing ecological and climate emotions, internal difficulties, or challenges- whatever holds us back from the freedom, purpose and expression of our True Selves! 

 With Love,